Fort Myers Party Bus FAQ

How much is the required deposit to reserve a party bus?

You only need to pay $200 by credit or debit in order to ensure that the bus that you want is placed on hold for you, on the day of your event.(This amount comes off of your total balance, as well).

Is smoking allowed on the party buses?

In an effort to provide you with the cleanest and newest vehicles possible, we don't allow for smoking on the party buses. This is, however, where your "unlimited stops and mileage" come in. You are allowed to have the driver stop as often as you'd like to take smoke breaks.

Can I drink on your buses?

Due to the fact that our fleet and its drivers are properly licensed with the state, you are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages on the buses. (Permitting everyone on the bus is of legal drinking age).

Can I look at the buses?

Yes! Just call us and set that up. We'd like to make sure that your bus is available for viewing on the date and time that you wish to see it.

What are your hours of business?

As far as reaching someone on our phones and/or booking a bus, there is always someone available to take your call!

Is the driver's tip included in our quote?

There is the industry-minimum tip included in your total. We encourage you to tip above-and-beyond that amount but that is up to your discretion.

How much advance notice do I need to book a party bus?

We would encourage you to book with us as soon as you know the date that you need service and how many passengers you will be accommodating. If we had to give a 'rule of thumb' amount of time, we'd say to give at least two weeks but then again, some holidays (and even seasons) can be quite busy. Just give us a call at your earliest convenience and we will do all that we can to satisfy your particular needs.

I'm traveling out of state. Can you help me find service?

Yep! If we have any friends in your destination area we'll be happy to let you know! For example, check out Charlotte Limos!