Fort Myers Party Bus!

In the years that we've been providing party buses for the Fort Myers metropolitan area, we've attained quite the positive rapport with our clients. We believe that it isn't all just about the best bus and rate but also about the people that we hire to assist you. Every person that makes up our staff is delighted to be in their line of work, has been (or will be) in the luxury transportation industry for a very long time and - as a whole - we hope to service your needs for many more years! We take pride in our customer service, above all else. We know what it's like to have an important date or function getting closer and closer and wishing to have it all go off without a hitch. It is with that very thought process that we cater to our customers. We envision that your event is our event and thus far, that has worked out for both sides quite well.

In addition to our fleet, our employees and the overall attitude of our team, we are very serious about providing a versatile service to you. Ours is an area that is consistently full of not only local citizens but also those seeing and experiencing our home town for the first time. Therefore, we make it our goal to act as more than just a business but more like a representative of the Greater Fort Myers area. We treat our first-time customers with the same respect as our return clients, and vice-versa. We'd also like to note that we've provided every last bit of information here on our website that we thought would be pertinent to you. If you have any questions or suggestions, our phones are open 24 hours-a-day to you.

If you notice, our party buses aren't like any that you have seen before. This is because we were very 'choosy' when it came to the interiors, the amenities and the styling; so as to service our customers to the highest degree.

It is our belief that our combination of the ability to serve any sort of group, any sort of event, to provide the best vehicles and the best people has created the absolute best party bus company in the tri-county area; if not beyond! Speaking of beyond, here is a resource of Luxury Bus Service Chicago for our friends who have a bit of wander lust!